Status Update September 6 2018

Here is the latest status update on the work being done on the RPG Bus as of September 6th, 2018.

The RPG Bus is still undergoing restoration, repairs, and enhancements.

Here is the latest update:

Front and rear springs and shocks renovated or replaced by Pohl's Springs ($1,800).

Now back at Lloyd's trying to find the air conditioner coolant leaks. It sounds like a new rear evaporator may be necessary in addition to the current expansion valve. Still waiting to hear back if they can find either part, and how much they will cost.

Completed installing the 3,000/6,000 watt power inverter Sunday.

Completed installing car stereo system and 1 box of speakers Sunday.

See previous postings for the lengthy todo list.

We're planning to have the bus on the road in time for the Western USA RPG Tour around September 19th, 20th, or at the latest 21st, and be on the road in 8-13 states until about October 6th-13th.

This will be quite the shakedown trip to see how the bus holds up.

More updates as they happen.