RPG Bus Status Update 20180810

Here is the latest status update on the work fixing the RPG Bus as of August10th, 2018.
  • Work accomplished so far (with photos):

trash hauled to dump (6+ tons)

seized front brake calipers replaced

new brake pads front and rear

new brakes master cylinder and lines

spark plugs

distributo cap and rotor replaced

convert air conditioning from r12 to r134

new a/c compressor

new a/c ...

new a/c ...

new radiator

new entire exhaust system from donuts back

rip out nasty olkd rotting carpet

scrape out old padding

blast out floor glue to expose original school bus flooring

install wood flooring

scrub walls and floor from blackened smoke nastiness every square inch

scrub dash and console clean off gunk

remove old nasty wood overhead shelves

add trailer hitch strong enough to pull rpg trailer and long enough for proper ride height level

wire up trailer ewiring

wire up electric brake cobtrols

replace dead and broken marker and brake light bulbs

replace broken marker and brake housingd

replace engine temp sensor


rear door window glass replaced

fron coil springs rerplaced (scheduled for aug 27)

rear leaf springs reconditioned (schedfuled for aug 27)_

expansion valve for air conditioner replaced

slow a/c leak found and fixed

spark plug wires replaced.

spark plugs checked for oil fouling replaced as needed

wood floor trim

wood panels pulled, sanded, stained, reattched.

small rear view mirror installed

stereo housing mounted

stereo installed in housing

speakers hooked up

cb installed

cb antenna and coax installed

cabinets mounted

benches mounter

bench seat padding and fabric

rest of ceiling and wall scrubbed

wheelchair luft tuned up and solidified

wheelchaair lift painted and touched up

remove varoous ceiling eyebolts

find and fix ceiling water leaks in front over windshield

find and fix any other ceiling leaks

fix right braske light weak light

replace broken backup light housings

install new engine temp guage and sensor

install rpm guage and sensor